Your profile,
distributed everywhere.

Muzooka distributes your profile assets (high-res photo, socials, videos, file share links and more) to our network of industry partners like ticketing, event charting and festival websites and apps. Simply keep your content up to date on Muzooka and we'll do the rest.

High resolution, quality featured images.

We know it's hard to find a legally approved, high-res artist photo by artist management for use on your app, website, promo, etc. That's why Muzooka automatically validates images for resolution, NSFW checks and text detection to make sure our partners are getting the best quality images available.

An industry-leading artist database.

With a fast-growing database of over 900,000 musical artists and comedians, there’s a reason ticketing companies, charting platforms and festivals want to integrate with Muzooka to power their customer's experiences.

Data integrations that save time and money.

Muzooka has a robust API that allows our partners to integrate verified artist assets into websites, apps, and data services like charting software. The responsibility for assets and branding are back where they belong, with the artists and their management teams.

How do you start managing your profile?

Connect with Facebook

Connect using Facebook to manage artist profiles on Muzooka. Only admins and editors of Facebook Artist Pages can access an artist's assets on Muzooka.

Update Your Assets

Upload high-res photos and manage social links, bio, and YouTube videos across mulitple platforms. Keep artist profiles updated to ensure the best new assets are always being used.

Real-time Distribution

When you update your assets on Muzooka, we push those updates to our integrated industry partners in real-time.

"Muzooka has saved us hundreds of man hours to prepare our artist data."

- C3